Equipment are crucial for providing plumbing services 24 hours a day, such as emergency plumbing, blocked drains plumbing, hot water systems, burst pipes, and taps. Our team of plumbers possess a wide variety of tools, such as pipe cutters, wrenches, drain snakes, and hydro-jetters, guaranteeing that we are fully prepared any plumbing emergency. Customers can be confident that our tools are of top-notch quality, ensuring that we fix the issue on the first try. Additionally, we regularly service our equipment to guarantee that they are in top working condition and prepared at all times.

Never Neglect the Teflon Tape: Here's Why It's So Important

Tape for plumbing, commonly referred as Teflon tape is a must-have tool for plumbers when working with pipes and fittings. The thin, flexible tape can be used to form a tight seal between threaded pipes and fittings, preventing leaks, and also ensuring that the plumbing system is operating properly.